Dingle is one of Ireland’s most socially and economically vibrant areas. The Dingle Peninsula is unrivalled in terms of lifestyle offering.

Quality of Life

Dingle offers quality of life as a key differencinating factor in being a unique location that will offer employees a top class location to work in.

Young Education Workforce

Dingle has some of the best schools and third level educated young people in Ireland for an area of its size.


It is only 40 minutes fro Kerry Airport and 2 hours from Cork or Shannon Airport. Telecommunications infastructure in place and premises available that offer unique locations for your business and employees to work and enjoy.

Entreprenural Spirit

Dingle at the last census had the highest amount of entrepreneurs per head of population of any town or city in Ireland. You will benefit from this spirit at a pace that will maximise your ability and achieve a better work-life balance.

Huge Life Benefits

Education, Amenities, Social, No long commuting to work, partake in amenities within a short distance / few minutes of work, and more family time due to the close proximity of work, schools and home.

Remarkable Beauty

Dingle offers a location of remarkable beauty and a clean green enviroment in which to work.

Excellent childcare facilities

There are numerious creches and after school care facilities available in Dingle that take care of children between the ages of 6 months and 12 years.