• Corporation Tax Rate of 12.5 % on Trading Income
  • Research & Development Expenditure Tax Credits
  • Double Tax Treaties with over 50 countries
  • Capital Gains Tax Rate of 33%
  • Tax Deductions for Intellectual Property Costs
  • Low Social Taxes
  • Local tax rates only on property
  • Value added tax on Irish sales with no vat on exports
  • Employee Tax Rates of 20% and 40%, with first €16,500 pa of income generally tax free

    For more detailed information on the tax incentives available to businesses in the Dingle area please see the Revenue website at


Generous grant aid packages are available from Údarás na Gaeltachta.

Údarás na Gaeltachta Financial assistance is available over a range of schemes.

  • Start Up – Assistance of up to 50% grant aid is available.
  • Feasibility Study Grants are available to assess the potential of your business.
  • Training Grants- Finanacial Assistance is provided towards training of staff and management.
  • A mentoring programme is available, this will provide you with the assistance of a specialist in your business field to offer you guidance.
  • Marketing – Financial Assistance is available in developing and expanding your markets.
  • R&D – Financial Assistance is available for the research and development programmes.
  • Premises – Assistance is available in providing your business with a business unit, office or an industrial unit.
  • Staff – Employment Grants – financial assistance is available for employment of staff.
  • Capital Investment Financial assistance is available for extensive capital investment programmes.

    For more detailed information on the grant incentives available to businesses in the Dingle area please contact Údarás Na Gaeltachta. www.údará